Sueyon YANG (b.1988, Seoul, Korea) obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts (2011) and Master of Fine Arts (2014) from the Seoul National University, Korea, specializing in Korean traditional painting. She obtained her second MFA at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2019). Whilst developing her career as an artist, she also worked as a researcher producing replicas of cultural heritages for national museums in Korea. From this background, she would like to explore new possibilities of enhancing perspectives and recreating traditional paintings by combining traditional materials and contemporary expressions.

The artist had the opportunity of collaborating with other talented artists in group exhibitions, starting with the ‘Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival’ (ASYAAF) in Hongik University, Seoul, Korea in 2011. Her latest group show featured shortlisted artists nominated for the ‘Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize in London’, UK in 2021 and a Highly Commended solo show in 2022. She was also awarded the ‘Ghasong Art Award’ in Korea, 2021.

Her most accomplished solo exhibitions were the ‘Eternity’ at the World Venture Gallery in Seoul, Korea in 2011, ‘The Possibility of Impossibility’ at the Gallery Ilho, Seoul, Korea that took place in 2019 and the ‘Journey to the Infinite Circle’ at the CICA Museum, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea in 2021.

She currently completed a DFA course in Korean traditional painting from Seoul National University. Sueyon resides and works in Seoul and Hong Kong where her artworks have been collected by well-known institutions such as the Seong-nam Art Bank, Incheon District Court, Seoul National University Hospital in Korea.